“I was born and raised in Puglia, between traditions, countryside and the seaside.
These were my companions until I was 18, before moving to Milan to realise my dreams and my desire to explore the world. But as Nature teaches us, life is circular. The desire to leave becomes the desire to return. The best moments of my life have always been linked my time in Puglia. Returning to the family, to spend the summer by the sea, its unique light, and the views between the olive trees and cicadas’ song.

Borgo Gallana is the materialization of my memories, my happy place, my mother’s unique Puglia, and my grandmother’s simple one, Puglia as I lived it before and as I live it now. Italian life in the Deep South.

Simplicity and authenticity are our core values, the ones that led us to choose Andrew Trotter as a designer of the Borgo. Andrew has been able to interpret the Puglian simplicity by using our local materials and artisans, and traditional methods of building.

With the feel of the old farmhouses, light and easy furniture, Borgo Gallana offers the simple life, a place to relax in the heart of the Puglia countryside.”

Giuseppe De Vanna

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